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Garden Mojito

Sprouting glass bowl + 2 extra sprout seeds

Sprouting glass bowl + 2 extra sprout seeds

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Growing your own sprouts in a glass bowl. This set includes 2 extra sachets of sprout seeds!


  • Glass bowl
  • Stainless steel grid
  • Sachet organic sprout vegetable arugula
  • Sachet organic sprout vegetable radish (Red Daikon)
  • Sachet organic sprout vegetable cress 

Instructions: Sprinkle the seed in a thin layer on the seed grid and rinse it carefully under the tap. Fill the bowl with water to the bottom of the grid and place it in a dark room with a normal room temperature (20-22C). Change the water every day. After 5-8 days, the sprouts (which are then 2-5 cm long) can be eaten.
The organic sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week without losing their healthy properties.

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